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Introducing the new South Shore Speed Blog!

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Hey Everyone!

I want to share with you all a new feature that we will be doing here on South Shore Speed! As we all know this is a car community for any and everybody, so why not share some of our member's hard work and show what our members have done to transform their vehicles from stock into a work of art. So we have created a blog to show off our members builds from start to finish and we are going to call it, "The Featured Build of the Month" This blog will be updated monthly and show off builds that members have completed. We wanted to incorporate this into our website so that our members can be more involved and want to share the projects that they have done. So your probably wondering, How do I get my vehicle to be on "The Featured Build of the Month? Start a thread in our Projects & Builds Section and daily our team will be on the lookout for builds that catch interest. Be thorough and provide pictures, the more information we have the better your feature will be!

Thanks Everyone & Good Luck!